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Use PowerShell to Manage Compellent SANs

A set of more than 60 cmdlets is now available

Having integrated Windows PowerShell scripting into its Storage Center SAN solution, Compellent Technologies has created the Storage Center Command Set for PowerShell. This command set, which is available to all Compellent users free of charge, includes more than 60 cmdlets to automate server and storage management tasks, such as:

  • Creating, naming, and configuring virtual machines (VMs)
  • Configuring snapshots of servers for backup and recovery
  • Creating server-to-SAN mappings in high-availability clusters
  • Creating storage in Microsoft Exchange environments
  • Building Hyper-V servers from images stored on the SAN
  • Provisioning storage volumes in servers

"The scripting enhancements to the Compellent SAN give users greater administrative control in Windows data centers and can help speed installation, migration and recovery of their applications and data,” said Bruce Kornfeld, vice president of marketing at Compellent.

The Storage Center Command Set's documentation includes sample scripts for common operations. In addition, the Compellent PowerShell community website includes a script repository as well as discussion groups moderated by Compellent staff and other user resources. For more information about the Compellent cmdlets, visit the Storage Center Command Set for PowerShell web page.


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