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Restrict remote PowerShell to a set of cmdlets

Restrict remote PowerShell to a set of cmdlets

Q. How can I configure a remote PowerShell session configuration to only allow a set of cmdlets or modules?

A. To restrict a custom session configuration to a list of cmdlets create a custom session configuration file specifying the list of allowed modules and cmdlets, for example:

New-PSSessionConfigurationFile –ModulesToImport CustomMod –VisibleCmdLets ('*CustomMod*') –LanguageMode ‘NoLanguage’ –SessionType ‘RestrictedRemoteServer’ –Path ‘c:\CustomModonly.pssc’

This would then be used when creating a new session configuration, for example:

Register-PSSessionConfiguration -Name "DCMs" -SecurityDescriptorSddl $psscSd.GetSddlForm("All") -Path C:\CustomModonly.pssc

Now when connecting when you look at commands only the cmdlets specified will be available along with a few core cmdlets such as Exit-PSSession, Get-Help etc. If you needed to remove the session configuration use Unregister-PSSessionConfiguration.

[localhost]: PS> get-command

CommandType     Name                                               ModuleName                                               
-----------     ----                                               ----------                                               
Function        Add-CustomModBulkUser                              CustomMod                                                   
Function        Enable-CustomModVLANUser                           CustomMod                                                   
Function        Exit-PSSession                                                                                              
Function        Get-Command                                                                                                 
Function        Get-FormatData                                                                                              
Function        Get-Help                                                                                                    
Function        Measure-Object                                                                                              
Function        New-CustomModGroup                                 CustomMod                                                   
Function        New-CustomModRegUser                               CustomMod                                                   
Function        New-CustomModSpecUser                              CustomMod                                                   
Function        New-CustomModVLANUser                              CustomMod                                                   
Function        Out-Default                                                                                                 
Function        Select-Object                                                                                                                                                
Function        Update-CustomModUserPass                           CustomMod   


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