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Q. How can I get a list of all the Windows PowerShell modules that are available to be imported?

A. The Get-Module cmdlet has a -ListAvailable switch that will list all modules that are available on a computer. The syntax for the cmdlet is simply

Get-Module -ListAvailable

The cmdlet gives you a lot of information. If you just want to see the module names and their descriptions, you can pass the output into the format-table cmdlet and show just the Name and Description properties, as shown here.

PS C:\Users\savadmin> Get-Module -ListAvailable | Format-Table Name, Description

Name                  Description
----                  -----------
ADRMS                 Microsoft Windows Active Directory Rights Management Ser...
AppLocker             Powershell AppLocker Module
BestPractices         Best Practices Module
FileTransfer          Powershell File Transfer Module
PSDiagnostics         Windows PowerShell Diagnostic Utilities Module
TroubleshootingPack   Microsoft Windows TroubleshootingPack Module
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