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PowerShell Resources


  • "Command Line Makes a Comeback" by Jason Brooks in eWeek (
  • "Introducing Windows PowerShell: UNIX Administrators Won't Be Laughing Anymore" by Paul Robichaux in Windows IT Pro (
  • "Monad becomes 'PowerShell': Next-gen Windows command line to ship in Q4" by Scott M. Fulton III in TG Daily Publications (
  • "Understanding PowerShell Security: Don't Let Tighter Security Features Trip You Up" by Alex K. Angelopoulos in Scripting Pro VIP (


  • Microsoft Windows Powershell Programming for the Absolute Beginner by Jerry Lee Ford Jr., Thomson Course Technology, December 2006 (
  • Monad: Introducing the Microsoft Command Shell and Language by Andy Oakley, O'Reilly, December 2005 (
  • Windows PowerShell in Action by Bruce Payette, Manning Publications, February 2007 (
  • Windows PowerShell: TFM by Don Jones and Jeffery Hicks, SAPIEN Press, December 2006 (

Microsoft Documentation

  • Windows PowerShell 1.0 Documentation Pack, which includes the "Windows PowerShell Getting Started Guide," the "Windows PowerShell Primer," the "Windows PowerShell Language Quick Reference," and the PowerShell 1.0 release notes (
  • Windows PowerShell SDK (


  • "The DFO Show - Introducing Windows PowerShell" by David Aiken (
  • "HanselMinutes: Jeffrey Snover, PowerShell Architect" by Scott Hanselman (
  • "TechNet Webcast: Exchange Server 2007 Management Shell and Scripting" by Vivek Sharma (go to and search for 1032293397)
  • "TechNet Webcast: Next-Generation Command Line Scripting: Windows PowerShell" by Jeffrey Snover (go to and search for 1032306183)
  • "TechNet Webcast: Next Generation Command Line Scripting with Monad (Part 1 of 2)" by Jeffrey Snover (go to and search for 1032277851)
  • "TechNet Webcast: Next Generation Command Line Scripting with Monad (Part 2 of 2)" by Jeffrey Snover (go to and search for 1032277853)

Newsgroups, Blogs, and Other Online Resources

  • Windows PowerShell Newsgroup (
  • Windows PowerShell Scripts in the TechNet Scripting Center (
  • Windows PowerShell Team Blog (
  • Windows PowerShell Wiki (


  • /n software (
  • PowerShell Analyzer (
  • SAPIEN Technologies' PrimalScript 4.1 (
  • ScriptInternals' PowerShellIDE (
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