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PowerShell Cmdlets for Azure RemoteApp

PowerShell Cmdlets for Azure RemoteApp

"PowerShell everywhere" seems to be the mantra we hear most regularly coming from the shores of Redmond. Whenever a new product is announced, you can bet it won't be long before the company devises a set of PowerShell cmdlets designed to manage the solution from a command line. I guess DOS will just never die.

Azure RemoteApp was released out of Public Preview late last year and is comprised of a client and a service that allows business applications to run virtually in the Azure Cloud and be made available for use on multiple platforms ((Windows Mac OS X, iOS and Android). This ensures that no matter what platform sits in an end-user's hands they can be productive for the business, using the company's choice of applications.

RemoteApp can be managed through Azure already, but Microsoft has now released PowerShell cmdlets and an SDK to help companies automate management of the service.

First, you'll need to install and configure Azure PowerShell. Once that is done, grab the Microsoft Azure RemoteApp Management Library from Nuget. Here's the list of PowerShell cmdlets included in the download:

RemoteApp collection cmdlets:

  • New-AzureRemoteAppCollection

  • Get-AzureRemoteAppCollection

  • Set-AzureRemoteAppCollection

  • Update-AzureRemoteAppCollection

  • Remove-AzureRemoteAppCollection

  • Add-AzureRemoteAppUser

  • Get-AzureRemoteAppUser

  • Remove-AzureRemoteAppUser

  • Get-AzureRemoteAppSession

  • Disconnect-AzureRemoteAppSession

  • Invoke-AzureRemoteAppSessionLogoff

  • Send-AzureRemoteAppSessionMessage

  • Get-AzureRemoteAppProgram

  • Get-AzureRemoteAppStartMenuProgram

  • Publish-AzureRemoteAppProgram

  • Unpublish-AzureRemoteAppProgram

  • Get-AzureRemoteAppCollectionUsageDetails

  • Get-AzureRemoteAppCollectionUsageSummary

  • Get-AzureRemoteAppPlan

RemoteApp virtual network cmdlets:

  • New-AzureRemoteAppVNet

  • Get-AzureRemoteAppVNet

  • Set-AzureRemoteAppVNet

  • Remove-AzureRemoteAppVNet

  • Get-AzureRemoteAppVpnDevice

  • Get-AzureRemoteAppVpnDeviceConfigScript

  • Reset-AzureRemoteAppVpnSharedKey

RemoteApp template image cmdlets:

  • New-AzureRemoteAppTemplateImage

  • Get-AzureRemoteAppTemplateImage

  • Rename-AzureRemoteAppTemplateImage

  • Remove-AzureRemoteAppTemplateImage

Other RemoteApp cmdlets:

  • Get-AzureRemoteAppLocation

  • Get-AzureRemoteAppWorkspace

  • Set-AzureRemoteAppWorkspace

  • Get-AzureRemoteAppOperationResult

Microsoft says it's still working on documentation. Find bugs? Drop a note to the Azure-PowerShell forum: Azure/azure-powershell forum on GitHub

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