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PowerShell Class Is Now in Session

As I'm sure you can imagine, I was a top-notch student in college. Sure, I might have opted out of a couple 8 A.M. Macroeconomics classes, but thanks to my classmates—and their notes—I made it through. So it's only right that I help you—my new learning community. Windows IT Pro magazine is running Robert Sheldon's "PowerShell 101" series, and I noticed that some of you missed a couple of the lessons. You were probably off at one of Otey's raging keg parties. (That's fine, Michael; I'm sure my invitation was lost in the spam filter.) But don't worry, I'm not here to lecture you—I'm here to help you catch up, by telling you where to find those lessons you missed:

"PowerShell 101, Lesson 1: How to Get- what you need to create basic PowerShell commands," Instant Doc ID 97742
"PowerShell 101, Lesson 2: How to create pipelines and manage output," InstantDoc ID 97959
"PowerShell 101, Lesson 3: How to use PowerShell's operators and wildcards," InstantDoc ID 98177.

If you have questions about PowerShell or any other topic—or if you want to borrow my notes—contact me at [email protected]

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