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PowerShell Buzz from Full Armor's Workflow Studio

In between sessions at the Directory Experts Conference (DEC) 2007 sponsored by NetPro, I spoke with Full Armor CTO Danny Kim about the evolution of a Full Armor product, Workflow Studio. Although it hasn't been released yet, Workflow Studio is generating interest among IT pros. That’s because it fills a void, Kim says, providing a “lower barrier entry” to using PowerShell. Full Armor’s Workflow Studio started as a solution to the problem of Group Policy provisioning. Now, Kim says, “I don’t even talk about Group Policy anymore.” The reason is that Workflow Studio is shaping up to be more than a Group Policy provisioning solution. The product integrates PowerShell and Microsoft Workflow Foundations to provide end-to-end automation and provisioning for managing data center servers. Still in beta, Workflow Studio will be released to manufacturing later this summer.

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