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My new PowerShell book is out! (And it's YOUR fault)

Finally:Learn Windows PowerShell in a Month of Lunches is available in its "Early Access" form. That means you can purchase the eBook ( just visit this Web site - you can pre-purchase a print edition at the same time), and you'll get access to the book's first seven chapters. As more chapters are available, you'll gain access to them. When I update chapters, you'll get those too. As you read those, you can provide feedback, enabling me to update the chapters while they're still in "Early Access" mode. 

Once the book is completed, you'll get the final electronic edition (and your print copy, if you purchased that, will be shipped automatically). 

I really appreciate your feedback and support!

This is also the book that forms the courseware for my upcoming PowerShell Retreat, so if you attend that you'll get a print copy included, along with a 130+ page lab guide and other materials. You've got about 6 weeks left of early bird pricing - $2800 gets you a 5-day retreat, 5 hotel nights, breakfast and lunch every day, and dinner one night at a Michelin-starred restaurant. Start buggin' the boss about it now, because the price will be going up in February or when the number of seats allocated for that price have been reserved. Pay by company purchase order and you won't be billed until May!

Learn Windows PowerShell in a Month of Lunches is something special for me. For one, it's a brand-new series within the Manning publishing family, including an all-new cover design that really sets it apart. It's also the first book on the market (that I've seen at least) that really focuses on teaching PowerShell as PowerShell is meant to be used. It doesn't dive into programming by Chapter 3 (it's not until Chapter 20 that you have to do anything recognizable as "scripting"), instead focusing on using the shell as a shell. Rather than skipping right into scripting, which a dismaying number of authors like to do, you'll learn the real foundation techniques in the shell: Pipeline parameter binding. Operators. Objects. Stuff like that. You'll really become effective in the shell - and if you don't want to become a part-time programmer, no problem - you won't need to.

The table of contents for this book might look familiar to regular readers of this blog - it's a modified version of t he table of contents I first proposed right here. Your comments helped shape that outline, and it's what was eventually pitched to (and accepted by) the publisher. So this book is at least partially "crowd sourced," driven by your questions, your comments, and your suggestions. I hope you'll like the final result that goes along with that outline!

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to everyone's feedback - hope to hear from you!

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