Goverlan's WMI Explorer Gets Full PowerShell Support

Goverlan's WMI Explorer Gets Full PowerShell Support

Just last month, I reported about Goverlan's WMI Explorer (WMIX) product. WMIX is a free, graphical tool that allows you to browse the WMI repository on local or remote computers, create queries, and even develop scripts. At the time of the latest release, you could only export to VB Script. Almost immediately I heard from folks complaining that WMIX should support PowerShell instead.

Well, Goverlan has heard those complaints and has now released an update. Taking it to version 3.01.03, the WMIX update now gives you the ability to convert to both VB Script and PowerShell.

I've been using WMIX constantly since I downloaded and installed it. It's hugely valuable for IT folks who are responsible for managing computers.

Get the Update

To get the update, run WMIX and click the Help menu, goto Online Access, and then click Check for Updates.

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Once you click Check for Updates, you'll be escorted to a special Goverlan update page where you can click the download link and install the new version.

The update is a full installation, not just a minor patch. So, you'll need to walk through a normal, wizard-based installation routine.

Setting PowerShell as the Default

Once you install the update, open WMIX again and click the Generate Script menu option. You'll see that you now have a couple new options. You can set the default script export, or choose to have WMIX prompt you each time.

Exporting to PowerShell

If you've set PowerShell as the default script export, now when you right-click on a WMI component and choose Export Query as a Script

…the Windows PowerShell ISE opens automatically containing the exported script.


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