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Got a PowerShell Question?

If you have a PowerShell question, check out Don Jones' PowerShell FAQs page on the Windows IT Pro website. Whether you're a PowerShell novice or old hand, you'll likely find this page helpful. For example, you can discover the difference between single and double quotes in PowerShell or find out what PowerShell command to use to query a server's asset tag number.


If you don't find the answer to your question, you can ask it using our FAQ submittal form. You can access this form by clicking the FAQ to Contribute? link on the PowerShell FAQs page. Don will try to answer as many questions as possibleand he's well qualified to do so. He's a top-rated speaker at technology conferences such as Microsoft TechEd and has authored more than 35 books. His newest book is Windows PowerShell 2.0, which he co-authored with Jeffrey Hicks. Don also writes the "PowerShell With A Purpose" blog on the Windows IT Pro website.

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