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Good PowerShell IP troubleshooting cmdlets

Good PowerShell IP troubleshooting cmdlets

Q. What are some PowerShell IP troubleshooting cmdlets?

A. Below are some common cmdlets to help troubleshoot IP (along with their cmd equivalents)

  • Get-NetAdapter | View all the adapters (ipconfig /all - MAC information)
  • Get-NetIPAddress (optional -InterfaceAlias "<interface name>" also -AddressFamily IPv4) | View IP configuration (ipconfig.exe)
  • Test-Connection <IP> | Runs a connectivity test (similar to ping)
  • Test-NetConnection <IP> | Checks connectivity including DNS lookup and connectivity
  • Test-NetConnection -TraceRoute <IP> | Shows the path to a target (tracert)
  • Resolve-Dnsname <DNS name> | Performs a DNS lookup (nslookup)
  • Register-DnsClient | Registers IP with DNS servers (ipconfig /registerdns)
  • Get-NetTCPConnection | View network connections (netstat)

Remember regular PowerShell can be used on the pipeline to manipulate the returned data. For example:

Get-NetIPAddress –AddressFamily IPv4 | Select-Object IPAddress, Type

Get-NetTCPConnection | Group State, RemotePort | Sort Count | FT Count, Name -Autosize

Get-NetTCPConnection | ? State -eq Established | FT -Autosize

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