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Create custom structure in PowerShell

Create custom structure in PowerShell

Q. How do I create a custom structure in PowerShell to store multiple rows of data?

A. Often in PowerShell you may want to output information about multiple objects and you struggle with various write-output combinations. A better way is to save the values for each object into a custom object which itself is stored inside an array. The array can then be output or used with other cmdlets. In the example below I create an empty array then for each VM I create a custom object containing the VM name, its status and its resource group. I can then output the content of the $VMList with a well formatted table or any other way I need.

$VMList = @()
foreach($VM in $VMs)
 ...some calculations
 $VMList += [PSCustomObject]@{"Name"=$VM.Name; "Status"=$VMStatusDetail; "ResourceGroup" = $VM.ResourceGroupName}


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