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Changing the system name with PowerShell

Changing the system name with PowerShell

 Q: I have a number of virtual systems that I like to rename. Can I use PowerShell to rename them?

A: Absolutely. The PowerShell Rename-Computer cmdlet makes it easy to rename your systems. Its far easier than using the GUI. The Rename-Computer cmdlet also has a handy but optional –Restart parameter that causes the system to reboot following the name change. You can see how to use the Rename-Computer cmdlet to rename a workgroup system below:

Rename-Computer -NewName <Name> -Restart

If the systems that you want to rename are part of a domain then you’ll need to provide the domain’s administrative credentials that you can see below:

Rename-Computer -NewName <Name> -DomainCredential <MyDomain\Admin> -Restart

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