Beta 2 of Dell's Client PowerShell Provider Released

Beta 2 of Dell's Client PowerShell Provider Released

For those testing the Dell Client PowerShell Provider, Beta 2 is now available for download.

After a brief sign-up, you can get the updated download from here: Dell Client PowerShell Provider Beta

Dell released beta 1 back in April of this year with the intent to bring PowerShell power and simplicity to managing Dell systems. Using the Dell provider, you can modify SMBIOS settings such as passwords, the TPM token, service and asset tag information, the boot sequence, and secure boot.

According to Dell, here's what was just added and fixed in beta 2:

  • Module mechanism to load the provider through DellBIOSProvider.psd1
  • Space removed from attribute names
  • Tab completion for attribute names
  • ReadMe.txt converted into
  • Custom help at provider level
  • Custom help at cmdlet level (available for Security, TPMSecurity, SecureBoot and BootSequence folder for Get-ChildItem and Set-Item)
  • Custom cmdlets added – Set-1stBootdevice, Clear-AdminPassword, Get-BiosSettings

PowerShell 3.0 or better is required for the beta. Feedback can be submitted and bug reports can be filed in the PowerShell Provider forum:

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