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Hot Topics in Cooling the Data Center

We’ve compiled an array of <i>Industry Perspectives</i> columns that featured discussion of cooling best practices in the data center, bringing together a full year’s worth of wisdom on cooling.

Cooling the data center effectively and efficiently has been a frequent focus of our Industry Perspectives columns at Data Center Knowledge, as executives working in the field have shared their expertise and opinions on differing approaches. We have selected several perspectives on cooling which represent the discussion of the past year. Enjoy!

Managing the Expanding Temperature Envelope
By Fred Stack, Liebert Precision Cooling (Emerson Network Power), November 30, 2009
The recent expansion of data center temperature limits has raised various questions and concerns throughout the industry. Some data center and IT managers have voiced reservations about elevating the overall data center temperature and reducing their outage ride through time while others seek all possible efficiency gains.

Combating Thermal Issues with Next-Gen Tools
By Todd Schneider, Electrorack, May 10, 2010
The industry is simply outgrowing the hot/cold aisle approach, and that means data center managers must get better efficiencies out of their existing facilities.

Simple Solutions Can Slash Cooling Costs
By Dan Hyman, Custom Mechanical Systems, May 18, 2010
Whether you’re in the midst of building a new data center or retro-fitting an existing one, there are some very simple solutions for reducing cooling-related energy costs.

Smart Approaches to Free-Cooling in Data Centers
By Ron Spangle, Liebert Precision Cooling (Emerson Network Power), June 2, 2010
An economizer system can be an extremely effective strategy for reducing energy consumption. But care should be taken to weigh the benefits of different types of economizers against associated costs and risks.

The Data Center Temperature Debate
By Jason Friedler, Telstra International, June 7, 2010
The industry as a whole needs to work together in order to reduce our energy consumption, and a centralized campaign on data centre temperature could be one of the most effective means to achieve this.

Air Economizers Can Work in Warm Climates
By Vali Sorrell, Syska Hennessy, June 23, 2010
Contrary to conventional wisdom, outside air economizers (a.k.a. airside economizers) can be put to use in warmer climates.

The Advantages of Liquid Cooling
By Shlomo Novotny, Coolcentric, July 2, 2010
Compared to traditional air-cooling methods, liquid cooling devices either at rack level or near the racks can reduce power consumption of in-room cooling by 80-90 percent.

Maintenance Optimization of Cooling Systems
By Jeff Powers, Emerson Network Power, August 30, 2010
Regular inspection and maintenance of cooling equipment will help prevent unwanted downtime and is critical to maintaining a smooth-running facility. Here's a list of suggested preventive maintenance tasks.

Delivering Airflow Efficiently for the Cloud
By Daniel Kennedy, Tate Floors, December 14, 2010
Cloud computing is changing the previously stable load environment in the data center. Directional airflow to the equipment can provide superior cooling capabilities to vertical airflow distribution.

Do you have something to say on a current data center topic? We welcome submissions from industry leaders. See our guidelines and submission process for information on participating. View previously published Industry Perspectives in our Knowledge Library.

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