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Windows Weekly Podcast: 2006 Archive

Windows Weekly Podcast
with Paul Thurrott and Leo Laporte
2006 Archive

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Here are all the 2006 episodes of the Windows Weekly podcast.

Windows Weekly 8: DEP, FUD, and Zune - Paul says Vista is changing the way he uses his computer, talks about Data Execution Protection, Vista FUD, and Microsoft's long range Zune plans...

Windows Weekly 7: Crackelacken - Report from the Vista Business launch...

Windows Weekly 6: ReadyBoost, RibbonX, and PowerShell, Oh My! - Choosing the right machine for Vista, the new Windows shell, and a look at the Zune...


Windows Weekly 5: Shiny Happy Vista - Microsoft fixes a last minute showstopper, Vista goes to manufacture, and we have a launch date...

Windows Weekly with Paul Thurrott 4: Build 6000 - Vista build 6000, Vista Express Upgrades, the Motion Desktop, Windows Media Player 11, and product nightmares with Dell and Apple...

Windows Weekly with Paul Thurrott 3: Vista's Enthusiastic License Agreement - Vista's end-user license agreements, IE7, and XP Service Pack 3. And we explain why sometimes a shim is also a shiv...

Windows Weekly with Paul Thurrott 2: The Windows Shiv - What's new in Vista, and what's missing, Microsoft's compatibility shivs, and Amazon's nightmare movie store...

Windows Weekly with Paul Thurrott 1: The Road to RC1 - Introducing Paul, the real Vista ship date, Windows security, and more...


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