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Windows Weekly 396: Courier in the Bunker

Windows Weekly 396: Courier in the Bunker

The one where we predict what will happen next week

In the latest episode of Windows Weekly, Leo Laporte, Mary Jo Foley and I discuss our busy year ahead, next week's Windows 10 event, silliness over a Windows 7 milestone, more Windows 10 leaks, what's next for OneDrive, some Windows Phone and Surface news, the 2014 PC market recovery and the latest battles between Microsoft and Google.

Running time: 1:56:53


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Tip of the week: Support Paul's new web site

Head over to and register for the newsletter. Here's the rollout schedule/what's happening, and what I need from you.

Software pick of the week: Phone Insider for Windows Phone 8.1

Get ready for the Windows Phone 10 Technical Preview or whatever they're going to call it

Plus: NBA JAM for Windows Phone is just 99 cents right now as part of Microsoft's weekly red stripe deals - thanks to David Benedict 

Enterprise pick of the week: ANS, RIP

MS has opted to do away with free Advance Notification Service (ANS) -- the mechanism via which it gave IT pros and others a public heads up about what to expect on Patch Tuesday. The first Patch Tuesday without this wasn't a great one

Codename pick of the week: Gemini

It's a good time to remind folks about what Gemini is and isn't (ahead of next week's Win 10 event). Here's my first report about it from 2013:

Beer pick of the week: Rodenbach Caractère Rouge

A fantastic Flanders red made with raspberries, cherries and cranberries. Think of this as a brunch beer. This is from Belgium's Rodenbach brewery, which also makes the delightful Grand Cru:

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