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Windows Weekly 391: I Want to Believe

Windows Weekly 391: I Want to Believe

The one where Mike Elgin co-hosts

In the latest episode of Windows Weekly, Mike Elgin joins Mary Jo Foley and me to discuss new fixes for Windows 10 build 9879, what's next for Windows 10, some Windows Phone news, PCs of the future, and Microsoft kills Clip Art and no one notices. Plus, we take viewer questions.

Running time: 1:42:54

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Tip of the week: Buy digital gift cards from your (Windows) phone

Microsoft Digital Gift Cards App for Windows Phone 8.1

Plus: More free albums from Microsoft's Music Deals app 

Software pick of the week: Acompli for Android and iOS

Microsoft's latest acquisition shows us what Outlook Mobile will soon look like. Hopefully on Windows/Phone too. 

Enterprise pick of the week: Intune (November update)

MS began rolling out a slew of updates to Intune just before Thanksgiving. Here's what is on the November update list:

Codename pick of the week: Vega

Vega is Dynamics CRM 2015. Both the on-prem and cloud version are generally available this week. Cortana integration is included 

Beer pick of the week: To Ol Liquid Confidence Cognac BA

From the excellent Danish brewery To Ol comes an imperial stout brewed in Cognac barrels. Yes, I had just one (and a small one, at that):

Plus: You will never unsee this

Thanks to Thomas Nelson for the superhero pic!

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