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Windows Weekly 390: Big Screen, Small Eyes

Windows Weekly 390: Big Screen, Small Eyes

The one where Mary Jo is flying home from Europe

With Mary Jo traveling, Leo Laporte and I discuss two weeks of Windows 10 build 9879, the coming Consumer Preview, why Windows 10 will be version 10 internally, Xbox One Black Friday deals, Dropbox and Office integration, Skype news, a Microsoft Band update, and a lot of industry news on the latest episode of Windows Weekly.

Running time: 1:40:28

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Tip of the week: Get 100 free albums from Xbox Music

And box sets--normally $15 to $100 each--for just $2. Are you kidding me?

Hardware pick of the week: HP Stream

HP Stream 7 and HP Stream 11 redefine the low-end: They're not just cheap. They're both great values.

Not cheap enough? Try this WinBook tablet for just $60!

Plus: Microsoft Store will sell Lumia 635 for $39.99 on Black Friday. No brainer. 

Beer pick of the week: (English-style) Barleywine beer

It's ... The .... Most ... Wonderful ... Time ... Of ... The ... Year.

Barleywine beers are special for a number of reasons. But unlike most beer, it can be aged and gets better over time. Two of my favorites are local to Boston: Blue Hills Brewery Fortis Pagus and Pretty Things Our Finest Regards

Audible picks of the week

Fahrenheit 451 by: Ray Bradbury, narrated by: Tim Robbins

Revival: A Novel by Stephen King, narrated by: David Morse

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, narrated by: Dan Stevens

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