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Windows Weekly 389: OneDrive Was My Ikea

Windows Weekly 389: OneDrive Was My Ikea

The one where Mary Jo is in Sweden

In the latest episode of Windows Weekly, Mary Jo Foley joins Leo Laporte and I remotely from Sweden and we discuss big OneDrive changes in the  Windows Technical Preview, Nokia's N1 tablet and a Jolla crowd-sourced tablet, Office 365 Video and Office 365 ProPlus, more Surface Pro 3 firmware updates, and how update rollups are replacing service packs.

Running time: 1:35:18

Download: HD Video | SD Video Large | SD Video Small | Audio

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Tip of the week: Using OneDrive? Upload to the cloud with your browser!

Assuming your browser is Chrome, that is. To the cloud!

Software pick of the week: Duolingo  for Windows Phone

Duolingo Comes to Windows Phone 8.1

Enterprise pick of the week: Microsoft Identity Manager

FIM (Forefront Identity Manager) is now MIM. And a new version of this on-premises identity-managing server is now available in preview form. 

Codename pick of the week: Mini-Mar

Office for iPad was codenamed Miramar. It was based on the Office for Mac codebase. After Miramar was done, the team worked on bringing the iPad codebase down to the iPhone. That new Office for iPhone version, just released recently, was codenamed Mini-Mar. 

Beer pick of the week: Shogun JIPA by Gotlands Bryggeri

Swedish beer, Japanese hops. Very much like an American DIPA:

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