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Windows Weekly 387: Pint Curls

Windows Weekly 387: Pint Curls

The one "wear" I tell it like it is about the Microsoft Band

On the latest episode of Windows Weekly, Leo Laporte, Mary Jo Foley and I discuss Microsoft Band, an Office partnership with Dropbox, Surface Pro 3 and government sales, some Windows Phone news, Xamarin is free for students, and an important second holiday season for Xbox One.

Running time: 1:46:59

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Tip of the week: Get a Roku

Recent additions--Miracast support and Google Play app--make this a no brainer for anyone but the most devout Apple fan.

Software pick of the week: Outlook for Mac (2014 update)

It's just a visual spit shine, but also a nice peek--with OneNote--at the next Mac Office. 

Enterprise pick of the week: Per-user licensing is coming to Windows for enterprise customers!!

It's a big messy change that ultimately is supposed to make things simpler. But it's also how we should think about Windows "subscriptions" going forward:

Codename pick of the week: Project K

The MS Band  was codenamed Project K. (as is the next version of ASP.Net). But the gaming helmet is codenamed Project B. So what happened to all those letters in between?? Inquiring minds want to know. 

Beer pick of the week: Stone Lukcy Basartd (no that's not a typo)

A delicious mix of the Bastards (Arrogant, Oak Arrogant and Double Bastard). It's an American Strong Ale, clocking in at 8.5%:

Audible pick of the week: Psycho

Psycho by Robert Bloch and narrated by Paul Michael Garcia

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