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Windows Weekly 385: President Spacey

Windows Weekly 385: President Spacey

The one where Mary Jo is away

In the latest episode of Windows Weekly, Mary Jo Foley is away so Leo Laporte and I discuss the first update for the Windows 10 Technical Preview, Satya Nadella's incredible pay package, how Office goes cross-platform, Microsoft will continue using Lumia brand, the Surface Pro 2 finally bows out, and some Xbox One digital preorders to keep the holidays happy.

Running time: 1:49:05

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Tip of the week: Get great deals on music

Microsoft's new Music Deals app helps you save money on albums. Why a separate app? I have a theory. 

Software pick of the week: Office Mix

Microsoft's amazing web-based Office Mix utility is updated with live mixing, edit capabilities, and gallery search.

Plus: HERE for Android

Enterprise pick of the week: Microsoft Cloud Platform

For only $1.6 million (and up), you too can get your own Azure in a box. And you thought iPads were expensive. 

Codename pick of the week: Frosting

What Microsoft product was the icing on the cake?

Beer pick of the week: Pretty Things

While Colorado is clearly the Belgium of America, we're blessed these days by many excellent local breweries. And while my favorite here in Massachusetts is Blue Hills Brewery, Pretty Things is a close second. And their Baby Tree--a killer Belgian/Abbey-style quadruple--is one of my all-time favorites and a great winter beer.


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