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Windows Weekly 379: Snarknado

Windows Weekly 379: Snarknado

The one where we talk about Udon noodles

In the latest episode of Windows Weekly, Leo Laporte, Mary Jo Foley and I discuss the Microsoft/Minecraft rumors, the MSN relaunch, a new Surface Pro 3 firmware fix, new (but not really) Nokia/Windows Phone renaming rumors, changes for Xbox One, and much more.

Running time: 1:45:17

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Software pick of the week: Skype for Windows Phone

Now with location sharing, picture saving and chat notification management.

Software pick of the week #2: Stardock ShadowFX

Everything that's old is new again. Miss window shadows in Windows 8? Check out Stardock's ShadowFX $4.99 

Enterprise pick of the week: Delve

MS starts rolling out its "Flipboard for Office 365," a k a, Delve

Codename pick of the week: Vega

CRM codename-apalooza!

Beer pick of the week: Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin IPA

So much grapefruit it might just count as a fruit serving:

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