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Windows Weekly 378: Notepad Monster

Windows Weekly 378: Notepad Monster

The one where we talk about all the news from IFA

In the latest episode of Windows Weekly, Leo Laporte, Mary Jo Foley and I discuss cheap new PCs and tablets at IFA 2014, more Threshold rumors, the future of Microsoft's consumer services, an August Patch Tuesday re-do, Microsoft-Cyanogen rumors, and China v. Microsoft.

Running time: 1:44:20

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Tip of the week: Only YOU can prevent the next great celebrity nude photo hack

Just use OneDrive to backup your photos. And then use two-step authentication, which actually works with OneDrive (unlike with iCloud).

Tip of the week #2: You can get Office for iPad on a monthly subscription ... But you shouldn't

Here's why: An annual Office 365 subscription is a MUCH better deal. Especially if you act fast.

Enterprise pick of the week: MS starts removing the 2 GB file size limit on OneDrive sync'd files

I *believe* this limit is also coming down for OneDrive for Business too (but still awaiting MS confirm). It is definitely happening in consumer OneDrive

Codename pick of the week: Inchon

Sometimes even MS acquisitions have a codename... InMage, meet Inchon

Beer pick of the week: Stone Reason be Damned Abbey Ale

A sour Belgian strong ale aged in red wine barrels: Best of all worlds!

Bonus: Look who MJF got to meet last week! (achievement unlocked)

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