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Windows Weekly 375: Use Your Selfie Stick

Windows Weekly 375: Use Your Selfie Stick

The one where Daniel Rubino subs for Paul

I am on vacation this week, so Daniel Rubino was nice enough to sub for me and join Leo Laporte and Mary Jo Foley on the latest episode of Windows Weekly. They discussed Windows Phone, HTC One for Windows Phone, Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1, Threshold rumors, Microsoft is dropping support for older IE versions, and Xbox One holiday bundles.

Running time: 1:49:29

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MJF tip of the week: Microsoft Virtual Academy

There are a bunch of IT training classes available for free on MS VA. Universal apps, Win Azure Pack, Office 365 and more: (can search by product or topic. all you need to do is provide your MS ID) 

Daniel's Software pick of the week: Swarm for Windows Phone 8.1

Foursquare's replacement hits Win Phone

MJF Enterprise pick of the week: EMET 5.0

An updated version of the Enhanced Mitigation Experience Tookit for combatting cyberattacks snuck in under the radar earlier this summer:

MJF Rumor of the week: Delve to start rolling out mid-September

Delve, aka Microsoft's Flipboard-like app for O365, may start rolling out to First Release O365 users in less than a month.

MJF Beer pick of the week: Bell's Kalamazoo Hopsolution

Paul's away, so it's double IPA day!

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