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Windows Weekly 351: I'm Just Typing Words

Windows Weekly 351: I'm Just Typing Words

The one where we talk about the Nokia X

In the latest episode of Windows Weekly, Leo Laporte, Mary Jo Foley and I discuss the Nokia X, new Windows Phone partners and why they've signed on now, Microsoft and Ford's Sync breakup, Microsoft's cheap new Windows licensing for low-end devices, Mary Jo's new Nokia Icon, and Xbox One and Twitch.

Running time: 1:52:40

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Tip of the week: Buy an Xbox One, get Titanfall for free

A new promotion saves you $60 if you want both an Xbox One and the assumed-blockbuster Titanfall.

Tip of the week #2: Get 100 GB of additional OneDrive storage for one year

And here's the best part: It's stackable

Software pick of the week: Office 2013 Service Pack 1

Who's getting and how/when. How to get it now.

Plus: SP1 for Exchange 2013, SharePoint 2013, and Visio and Project 2013 

Enterprise pick of the week: Visual Studio 2013 CTP2 gets TypeScript built-in

Gather round, JavaScript fans who want to write big, scalable programs:

Codename pick of the week: Golden Gate

ExpressRoute preview in Windows Azure gives users another way to connect on-prem datacenters to the cloud:

Beer pick of the week: New England Beer Co. Gandhi Bot

We haven't had a nice, hoppy imperial IPA in a while. This is an East/West coast hybrid from Connecticut (Thanks, Win Weekly listener, Pete!)

Audible pick of the week: Influx

Influx by Daniel Suarez and narrated by Jeff Gurner


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