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Windows Weekly 334: I Am Not A Tool

Windows Weekly 334: I Am Not A Tool

The one where Paul explains that even Steve Jobs got the iPad wrong in 2010

In the latest episode of the Windows Weekly podcast, Leo Laporte, Mary Jo Foley and I discuss the Surface 2 launch, the products announced at Nokia World, the week in Windows 8.1 updates, new apps coming to Windows Phone, why Apple's "free" apps aren't so free and why Office is the much better value, and Frank Shaw's timely dressing down of the Apple-compliant tech press.

Running time: 1:51:40

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Software tip of the week: Use Microsoft's Authenticator App to Protect Multiple Accounts

I've enabled two-step authentication on all of my online accounts that support it because doing so is more secure. But two-step authentication can also be a bit of a pain, and managing multiple accounts adds to the misery. Fortunately, a Microsoft app for Windows Phone 8 that generates codes for the second step of authentication also works with your Google account, Dropbox, LastPass and more. And you can enable it to provide authentication codes for multiple accounts

Software pick of the week: Nokia HERE Explore for Windows Phone 8

Nokia HERE Explore for Windows Phone 8 - A new beta app from Nokia that updates its previous augmented reality efforts. 

Enterprise pick of the week: Windows Azure Backup and Hyper-V Recovery Manager

Two ways to back up your data to Azure: Azure Backup is now GA; Hyper-V Recovery Manager in preview 

Rumor of the week: MS Glass

Microsoft's Fortaleza glasses to be more than just an Xbox One peripheral

Beer pick of the week: Harpoon Director's Cut

It's a black and tan 2.0

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