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Windows Weekly 330: Chaos For Good

Windows Weekly 330: Chaos For Good

Pudding, fish and more

In the latest episode of the Windows Weekly podcast, Iyaz Akhtar, Mary Jo Foley and I discuss the Surface 2 launch event, including the various devices and accessories, Microsoft's gadget buy-back strategy, Delta's adoption of Surface 2 tablets for pilots, the new Windows roadmap, whether Microsoft should even make devices, Nokia World is in Abu Dhabi for some reason, and Nokia closes in on 90 percent of the Windows Phone market.

Running time: 1:44:53

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Tip of the week: Trade in your old electronic devices

In Tip: Trade in an i-Device and Save on Surface 2, I talk about a specific scenario, but heavy upgraders should be getting cash for old devices. There are many options: Amazon Trade-in, Gazelle, eBay, etc. 

Software pick of the week: Windows Phone App Studio Beta

Windows Phone App Studio Beta lets anyone create a Windows Phone app from their web browser. If you have Visual Studio, you can keep improving it. And if you have a Windows Phone Developer account, you can publish it to the Store.

Enterprise pick of the week: Oracle on Azure preview

Pigs can fly! MS and Oracle working together to get Java, Oracle DB, WebLogic running on VMs in Azure:

Codename pick of the week: InfoNav

Microsoft's PowerBI for O365 preview gets InfoNav'd this week:

Beer pick of the week: Sixpoint Autumnation

If you see a can or draft of this, check it out. No pumpkin in this year's recipe. Instead, it's wet hopped. Tasty brew from Brooklyn!

Cheers to SteveB. It's his last appearance at the annual MS company meeting today.

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