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Windows Weekly 310: Billion-Dollar Business Bingo

Windows Weekly 310: Billion-Dollar Business Bingo

The one where Paul goes 8-bit

In the latest episode of the Windows Weekly podcast, Leo Laporte, Mary Jo Foley and I discuss new features in the latest Blue leak, Surface sales, changes to Windows Phone 8 apps, the "Mohoro" Windows as a service, new Azure features, improvements and milestones, and this week in unsubstantiated rumors.

Running time: 1:30:06

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Tip of the week: Learn how Microsoft reimagined its entire way of doing business

An amazing video offers a peek at how Microsoft worked with an outside brand manager to change not just Windows but the entire organization, and the way it does everything.

Software pick of the week: Untappd for Windows Phone 8

MJF beta tested this. It went live in the store today

Plus: Angry Birds for Windows Phone free through May 15 with 100 new levels

Enterprise pick of the week: EMET 4

The enhanced mitigation experience toolkit v 4 is now in beta and due to be released on May 14: (thanks to listener Josh Phillilps for this one) 

Codename pick of the week: Sydney

Azure Connect is gone, but not totally forgotten. 

Beer pick of the week: Pink IPA

It's not blue, but it's the next best thing. A tasty Italian beer, thanks to brewing with those pink peppercorns!

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