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Windows Weekly 295: Uncle Fester on Steroids

Windows Weekly 295: Uncle Fester on Steroids

The one where Mary Jo goes dark a few times and we blame Skype

In the latest episode of the Windows Weekly podcast, Leo Laporte, Mary Jo Foley, and I discus the PC sales drop in Q4 2012, Microsoft's new efforts to court developers, new companies planning Windows Phone handsets, Surface Pro, the death of Windows Live services, the new Office, and some Microsoft competitors.

Running time: 2:00:29

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Tip of the week: Learn about Windows Phone's new and improved features

My complete compendium of Windows Phone 8 tips is now available, with organized links to over 30 tips! The best way to get started with your new phone.

Windows Phone 8 Tips: The Complete Compendium
Also available: Windows 8 Tips: The Ultimate Compendium, with over 50 tips!

Tip of the week #2: Charles Petzold completes Programming Windows 6E

And if you have any notion at all about creating Windows 8 apps, this is the way to go.

Software pick of the week: YouTube Downloader HD for Windows

Excellent free utility for downloading the highest quality versions of YouTube videos for offline use. Download YouTube Downloader HD.

Software pick of the week #2: LastPass for Windows Phone

The LastPass app for Windows Phone has been significantly updated with support for Windows Phone 8 (and 7.5), a nice WP-friendly UI makeover, new Secure Notes and Favorites panels (and standard Windows Phone app bar icons, finally), site pinnng, and a ton of other new features. But the best new feature, and this was sorely lacking before: It can now create secure passwords.

Enterprise pick of the week: Drawbridge

Coming to Azure!

Codename pick of the week: Trinity

Facebook's not the only one building a graph database. MSR is, too. What's the latest on Trinity?

Beer pick of the week:  Brooklyn Black Ops

In honor of Call of Duty fans, if and when you see this one, make sure to try it!

Audible pick of the week: Audible app for Windows 8/RT and my 2012 Audible picks compendium

Audible for Windows 8/RT

Paul’s 2012 Audible Recommendations

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