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Windows Weekly 290: Beer and Cookies

Windows Weekly 290: Beer and Cookies

The one were Leo wears a Santa hat

This week on Windows Weekly, Leo Laporte, Mary Jo Foley and I discuss Microsoft's Live Mesh announcement, Surface sales expanding to other retailers, a Nokia engineer who published ways to hack Windows 8 apps and games, Windows Phone 8 "Portico" and broken promises about an update program for enthusiasts, Office on the iPad, and Natural User Interfaces (NUIs).

Running time: 1:32:27

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Tip of the week: Get Duke Nukem 3D for free!
Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition for PC and Mac (Deal is over, sorry. But it's only $3 now.)
Software pick of the week: AppDetective Free for Windows Phone
AppDetective alerts you when apps you search for--Pandora, Instagram, whatever--appear on Windows Phone, and provides lists of alternative apps. Thanks to Jackson Holbrook for the tip!
Enterprise pick of the week: Xamarin.mac
Actually more of a developer pick of the week, but still interesting to see Migel & Co. do this. Use C# to write native Cocoa apps for Mac OS X
Codename pick of the week: Diamond
In honor of geeks in need of Diamonds, let's pull one out of the old codename vault. Media Center for Vista was codenamed Diamond.
Beer pick of the week: Stone 12.12.12
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