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Windows Weekly 285: My Tongue Hurts

In the latest episode of Windows Weekly podcast, Leo Laporte, Mary Jo Foley, and I discuss BUILD, the Windows Phone 8 launch, Windows Connections, and the end--finally--of our epic travel schedules.

Running time: 1:51:17

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Tip of the week: Get free and cheap Microsoft eBooks

Introducing Windows 8 - An Overview for IT Professionals is free for a tweet. And Windows Phone 8 Development Internals is dirt cheap ($10 for now), and following the Petzold preview model.

Software pick of the week: Google Search for Windows 8

Google Search for Windows 8 (not RT) is not just a front-end to Google Search. It also lets you search Google from the Search charm and provides a front-end to many Google services.

Enterprise pick of the week: MDOP 2012

What's inside the latest MDOP bundle?

Codename pick of the week: Polaris

MS' December 2012 CRM update gets a codename

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