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Windows Weekly 253: The Secret Life of Windows

In the most recent episode of the Windows Weekly podcast, Mary Jo Foley, Leo Laporte, and I discuss why Microsoft went in the direction it did with Windows 8, Microsoft's relationship with the iPad, whether there will be an e-reader version of Windows 8, Office 15 and the mysterious Tech Preview, new Microsoft exec hires, and a disagreement over Chrome's usage successes last weekend.

Running time: 1:11:42

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Tip of the week: Boot Directly to the Desktop in Windows 8 (Sort of)

You can't (and shouldn't) ignore Metro in Windows 8, but desktop users (i.e those on traditional PCs) will want to boot directly to the desktop. And you can, sort of. But adding a faux Start button is a bad idea. The point isn't to "replace" a new feature, it's to be more efficient. And the new Metro tools in Windows 8, by and large, are in fact very efficient. You're going to need to learn them, not ignore them.

Software pick of the week: Unlocker (for Windows 8)

Unlocker is a useful utility that can help you overcome a Windows bug that has bothered me for years: The inability to delete or move certain files/folders because of spurious application locking.

Enterprise pick of the week: SharePoint for Education

A new app is coming to SharePoint with version 15

Codename pick of the week:  Lakeview

The Silverlight on Xbox codename resurfaces this week, but in a surprising place (BBC iPlayer for Xbox)

Audible pick of the week: The Russia House by John le Carré

A full-cast dramatization of a John le Carré Cold War classic, The Russia House, that was put on by BBC Radio. Also a great movie starring Sean Connery (a personal favorite).

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