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Windows Weekly 246: Helsinki Syndrome

In the latest episode of the Windows Weekly, Iyaz Akhtar, Mary Jo and I discuss the Office 15 Technical Preview, Windows 8 on ARM rumors, Windows Phone 8, AWS on Windows Phone, a new round of marketing layoffs at Microsoft, and Ballmer's Facebook investment.

Running time: 1:40:56

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Software pick of the week: Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit for Windows Phone

Microsoft's new "Must Have Games" campaign kicks off with a long-awaited sequel (and big iOS/Android game), Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. It's expensive at $5, but well worth it, and a great way to wile away a commute or plane trip.

Software pick of the week #2: TripAdvisor for Windows Phone

The TripAdvisor app for Windows Phone has been nicely updated to sport a beautiful, Metro-style UI. Plus, it's nicely differentiated from the normal web version by being location-centric, so you can use it to find attractions, hotels, and restaurants nearby.

Enterprise pick of the week: Blackberry services for Microsoft Office 365

The successor to the Microsoft-hosted BES is finally generally available and free to existing BES users.

Codename pick of the week: The most boring codename award

Goes to... SQL Azure Labs. Here's why...

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