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Windows Weekly 238: It's All About The Gs

In the latest episode of the Windows Weekly, Iyaz Akhtar, Mary Jo and I discuss the Windows 8 beta schedule, this week's Windows Store announcements, Windows Defender Offline, the Xbox 360 Dashboard Update, new Xbox apps for Windows Phone and iOS, why Verizon hates Windows Phone, and Carrier IQ.

Running time: 1:21:56

Download: SD Video \ SD Video (low) | Audio

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Software pick of the week: Xbox Companion App for Windows Phone

Microsoft releases a most curious app for Windows Phone users. But does it really make sense to control your Xbox from the phone?

Software pick of the week #2: My Xbox LIVE for iOS (iPhone and iPad)

Microsoft brings Windows Phone's Games hub to iOS in the form of My Xbox LIVE. It's a great little app, especially the iPad version.

Enterprise pick of the week: Exchange Server 2010 SP2

Another example of MS taking steps to connect on-prem and cloud with tools, services

Rumor of the week: CES in 2013

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