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Windows Weekly 183: The Wil Wheaton Of Podcasts

November 21, 2010
Running time: 1:18:41

In the latest episode of the Windows Weekly podcast, Leo and I discuss Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview 7, Office 365, the Facebook Messaging update, the return of KIN, Living room technology, including Kinect, Boxee Box, and Hulu Plus, OnLive, and Call of Duty Black Ops, week two.

Windows Phone 7 Feature of the Week: Phone app (full article coming soon)

Tip of the Week: Optimize your ClearType settings in Windows 7 (Search for cleartype in Start Menu Search

Software Pick of the Week: Microsoft Security Essentials 2 beta refresh

Windows Phone 7 Software Pick of the Week: Need for Speed Undercover

Audio: Download episode in MP3 format
Video: View episode in MP4 format (High) | (Low)

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