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IT Pro Today PODCAST - Episode 1

IT Pro Today PODCAST - Episode 1

The WannaCrypt Ransomware, updating your systems, and an interview with Rod Trent from IT/Dev Connections

We are very glad to have you here for our first episode of the IT Pro Today PODCAST hosted by Richard Hay and Michael Morisy.

In this inaugural episode of IT Pro Today we talk about our plans for the show along with some logistical information to get everyone up to speed moving forward.

Then, in our Round Table segment, Michael and I discuss the WannaCrypt Ransomware infection, the spread of the infection, and how critical updating is to stay protected from these types of outbreaks. We also discuss whether mandatory updating in Windows 10 helped to keep the infection rate low on Microsoft's latest operating system or not.

Finally, in our Interview segment, I talk to Rod Trent about his role as the Engagement, Community, and Conference Director here at Penton and the upcoming IT/Dev Connections Conference that is coming up later this year.

Thanks for tuning in and be sure to share our show with your friends and colleagues.


Date Produced: 31 May 2017

Length: 47:42

Format: MP3, 128KBPS

Size: 44.8 MB - Download IT Pro Today Episode 1

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