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Photosynth comes out of the lab

Microsoft has taken its Photosynth Live Labs project (previous site) public:

We’re pleased to announce the first full release of Photosynth, available now at  Photosynth takes a collection of regular photographs and reconstructs the scene or object in a 3-D environment.  For those of you who have seen the videos or tried our tech preview, you could experience synths that we made in the lab and get a feel for what Photosynth is and how it works.  But now, for the first time ever you can create synths from your own pictures and share them with your friends.  Explore great synths from others or create a few of your own.

Don’t know where to start?  Check out these great synths available today:

While there are plenty of interesting synths to check out already, the best ones will come from you.  If you need help creating a killer synth, check out our photography guide for some tips.  Or just watch our short how to synth video which gives you a quick overview of the best way to take pictures that will make a good synth.\

Absolutely amazing stuff.

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