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Paul Thurrott's Windows Phone 7 Info Nuggets for Developers

Paul Thurrott, senior technical analyst for Windows IT Pro ( DevProConnections' sister publication)--and my colleague--is blogging almost daily on Windows Phone 7. His Windows Phone 7 App of the week features Paul's weekly pick for his favorite Windows Phone 7 application. (This week it's Weatherbug.)

Although Paul's blog is oriented more toward Windows Phone 7 users, I found some nuggets of information in the Windows Phone Secrets section on his Supersite for Windows. Here are excerpts from some recent posts:

"Free PDF eBook for Windows Phone 7 developers
Microsoft MVP Rob Miles has released his “ Windows Phone Programming in C#” (AKA Windows Phone Blue Book) as a free PDF download. Looks good! Thanks to Leon Z. for the heads-up.

An iPhone developer takes on Windows Phone ... And really likes it
Which is no surprise since the Windows Phone development environment is superior to anything on the Apple and Google sides of the fence. (Must be a weird three-sided fence.)

Justin Williams is a Mac and iOS developer who previously took on the Android world, and now he’s looking at Microsoft’s latest mobile entry. He likes what he sees, mostly:

    Windows Phone 7 as an operating system is a delight to use, and I really look forward to where Microsoft plans to take it going forward. The biggest hurdle it faces right now is the lack of quality applications. There may be 5000 apps, but 4990 of them are junk.

That’s more than a bit harsh. There are at least 13 great Windows Phone apps. :)

For the developer: 31 days of Windows Phone 7
Not sure how I missed this, but Microsoft’s Jeff Blankenburg wrote an interesting blog series called 31 Days of Windows Phone 7 back in late September/early October, in which he focuses on one developer topic each day for a month. Very nice! Here’s the list of topics:

Day #1: Project Template
Day #2: Page Navigation
Day #3: The Back Button Paradigm"

What are your favorite Windows Phone 7 developer resources? Email me, and I'll forward your list to Paul (and publish them here, too!).

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