Updated: Microsoft Provides Workaround for Issues with KB3148812 WSUS Update

Updated: Microsoft Provides Workaround for Issues with KB3148812 WSUS Update

Update: This one continues to be a challenge apparently as the WSUS Product Team has posted another update earlier today indicating that this still remains an issue.

They are now recommending that you do not install the update if you have not done that so far. If you have already attempted the update and are still experiencing issues then they want you to make direct contact so they can assist in getting this issue resolved.

Contact information is available on the latest article about KB3148812.


A couple of days ago, Rod Trent wrote about the myriad of issues that were experienced by users as they downloaded and installed KB3148812 as part of this month's Patch Tuesday. 

The advice at that time was to hold off on installing that update until the Microsoft WSUS team provided the necessary manual steps to get everything working again.

Well late yesterday, over on the WSUS Product Team Blog, those manual steps were provided 

What is very interesting about this update on the manual steps needed to install KB3148812 properly is that these steps, according to Microsoft in the first paragraph, were always going to be necessary and they seem to blame users for installing it right away without waiting for that additional guidance.

"This update introduces two changes that require additional manual steps in order to complete the installation: those who installed it right away had a bit of a panic because the guidance was not yet published.  We try not to require post-update manual effort whenever possible, and unfortunately in this case it was unavoidable."

Well, it seems if there is additional guidance necessary to properly install an update then that information should be ready and online right alongside of the update.  A majority of admins are going to install updates when they are released and to not have 100% of the information available is shortsighted on Microsoft's part.

You can visit the full blog post to see the steps for dealing with the loss of the WSUS admin console and clients being unable to scan WSUS for updates.

Interestingly enough if you visit KB3148812 it still has no reference included in the article that manual steps are necessary to successfully install this update.

There are also three pages of comments on the manual fix article over at the WSUS Product Team blog and several users are reporting that there are still some issues unresolved. That means it might be wise to hold off a little longer on this update to see if those problems also get reoslved.

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