KB2952664 in an Endless Install Loop for Some

KB2952664 in an Endless Install Loop for Some

Microsoft continues to work steadily, attempting to prepare Windows 7 and Windows 8 systems for the Windows 10 upgrade on July 29. The company released new updates this week, one of those includes a fixed patch to enable IT to better block the upgrade. Read about that here: New Policies in July's Windows Update Client to Stop Windows 10 Upgrades by Normal Users.

One of the other updates this week (KB2952664), and the one that is getting the most attention, is an updated version of Microsoft's Windows 10 upgrade notification app. Some have labeled the update nagware, since it continually runs in the Windows System Tray to offer users the Windows 10 upgrade. This update has been revised 10 times already, so eventually Microsoft may get one that works.

Unfortunately, this latest revision is causing issues for many people. According to reports in the Microsoft forums, it continues to install repeatedly. One individual counted that it installed 12 times and it still wanted to continue. No solution has been offered yet.

I guess we can expect this update to be revised at least one more time before July 29.

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