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What's Included in Microsoft Operations Management Suite

What's Included in Microsoft Operations Management Suite

Q. What does Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS) consist of?

A. The Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS) was announced at Ignite 2015 and initially there can be confusion of exactly what it is. Firstly it is not a replacement for the on-premises System Center product, in-fact OMS will integrate with System Center. At a very high level OMS can be thought of as a combination of:

  • Azure Site Recovery - DR protection for VMs
  • Azure Backup - Backup of workloads to Azure
  • Azure Automation - PowerShell Workflow execution in Azure
  • Azure Operational Insights - Collect, store and analyze log data from Windows and Linux sources from on-premises or cloud and visualize the information for easy understanding

Pricing information can be found at and is available in Standard and Datacenter SKUs. Standard supports 2 VMs and Datacenter supports 10 VMs along with associated Operational Insight and Automation entitlements.

Note that it is still possible to buy the individual capabilities that make up OMS.

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