Microsoft Begins Notifying Users Who Will Lose their 15GB of Free Storage

Microsoft Begins Notifying Users Who Will Lose their 15GB of Free Storage

If you failed to take advantage of Microsoft's earlier offer to retain your 15GB of free cloud storage and the 15GB Camera Roll if you had that then you have until 13 July 2016 until your storage drops down to just 5GB.

We first told you about Microsoft's immediate reaction to OneDrive abusers last fall when they announced a change in free storage limits for their popular cloud storage service.

Then, just over a month later, the company had a change of heart and decided to provide users an opportunity to opt-in and keep not only their 15GB free storage allowance but also retain the 15GB Camera Roll storage if that was part of their quotas.

Users had until the end of January 2016 to opt-in and retain those storage levels otherwise they would be lost for good.

Well it appears Microsoft is beginning the task of notifying those users who missed this opt-in window about the expiration of their additional storage.

According to an email being sent out to those users the free limit for OneDrive drops to 5GB on 13 July 2016.

Changes to OneDrive Storage Limits Email

It appears the emails will be tailored to the user based on if they are exceeding 5GB of storage in their accounts or not.

This FAQ page lays out all of the resolutions for users who are exceeding 5GB of storage and the timeline for getting their storage levels in line with the new allowances.

Did you forget to opt-in to retain your full free storage and get an email from Microsoft about your OneDrive account?

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