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Once again, the bloggers have failed

An unbelievably lame "internal Microsoft video" made the rounds yesterday, showing what purported to be a Microsoft sales team celebration of Windows Vista Service Pack 1 ("Rocking Our Sales"). My inbox overflowed with email from chortling Mac users ("this is why people love Apple more than Microsoft") and other confused and bewildered people. I never did link to it here.

However, (almost) every other tech blog on earth linked to it and proclaimed how lame it was. Well, it was a joke. And bloggers, the joke was on you.

Charles Cooper at CNET has the news:

"This video was a spoof (believe it or not)," said a Microsoft representative familiar with the reason behind the production. Apparently, it was a way for Microsoft to have some fun at its own expense. "They thought folks internally would get a kick out of not taking themselves so seriously all the time, but some people thought that's exactly what they were being--serious. Anyway, this little piece of art came to life and has caused quite a few laughs in Microsoft's hallways."

So now everyone's laughing, bloggers. But they're laughing at you. And you. And, yes, you. 10 seconds of research. Sometimes that's all it takes.

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