OneNote Clipper

OneNote Clipper

A cool new bookmarklet for your favorite browser

As part of this past week's OneNote-palooza, Microsoft has released a cool new tool called OneNote Clipper that lets you save, or "clip," any web page to OneNote. Then, you can access this information from OneNote on any of your devices.

OneNote Clipper is what's called a bookmarklet. That is, it's a special kind of browser bookmark that includes executable code that can extend the browser's functionality. It's sort of a non-compiled browser plug-in, one that you access from a browser toolbar such as the Favorites Bar in IE.

Note: OneNote Clipper does not work with the Modern version of IE in Windows RT/8.x.

To install OneNote Clipper, you need to visit the Clipper page on

Then, as instructed, drag the Clip to OneNote button up to your Favorites Bar (in IE), Bookmarks Bar (in Chrome) or Bookmarks Toolbar (in Firefox). It will appear like any other favorite/bookmark, with the name "Clip to OneNote."

If you've not used Clipper before, you'll be prompted to sign in, of course: It attaches to your Microsoft account.

To find your clipped web page, open any version of OneNote. (Including the web version in Office Online: Just click the OneNote logo in the "Page clipped to [OneNote]" line as shown in the screenshot above.) You'll find it in the default notebook for your Microsoft account, as a new page in the Quick Notes tab.

From here, you can move the page to a new location—everyone has their own filing system, of course—or use the supplied link to go find the underlying web page. You can also search for text that is in the clipped web page even though the clip is itself basically a graphic.


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