Office Mix Improves with Live Mixing, Edit and Gallery Search

Office Mix Improves with Live Mixing, Edit and Gallery Search

Another amazing Office solution

Microsoft's Office Mix gets a big update this week, providing new features that the firm says make it easier to create, share, and find online interactive lessons and presentations. The freely-available on-demand presentation builder picks up new live mixing, edit, and Mix Gallery search functionality.

Here's what's new.

Live mixing. While Office Mix has always provided the ability to build pre-made presentations complete with audio narration and other effects, many have apparently asked for the ability to build their mixes live. So Microsoft has added a new feature called live mixing that lets you create and record while presenting. During recording you can switch the camera on and off, select ink and move through your slides and animations, as you might expect.

Easier editing. Office Mix now lets you pause and resume while recording, which any presenter will tell you is a crucial feature, given how hard it is to record a running presentation with minimal errors. There's also a new erase ink feature, so you can clear the canvas and continue writing on the same slide.

Search. The Office Mix Gallery has been updated with search functionality, so you can more easily find mixes by category, tag, topic and author.

Head on over to the Office Mix web site to check out this great utility and the new features.

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