Word Ink Editor Now Available for Office 365 Insiders

Word Ink Editor Now Available for Office 365 Insiders

Earlier this week Microsoft held their #MicrosoftEvent in New York City to announce the Windows 10 Creators Update, the next major update for Windows 10, and new hardware including the Surface Book with Performance Base and the Surface Studio.

During the portion of the keynote when Panos Panay, Microsoft's head of Surface, was showing off the new Surface Studio and its capabilities he demoed some inking features that were initially announced at Microsoft's Build developer conference in San Francisco this past March/April.

The two key features of the Ink editor that he showed was the ability to strike text from a document using a pen just by drawing a line through a sentence or drawing lines across an entire paragraph. Once that text is removed, the gap in the document is filled in by the automatic adjustment of the content that follows the removed item(s).

The second feature that was shown was using a highlighting tool to mark an area of text manually by pen for emphasis and that rough highlighting being applied to the marked text cleanly. If you have a touch/pen capable device this method of editing a document appears to really speed up the process of document review.

You can see the onstage demo in this video from the Office team:

If you are an Office 365 Insider in your organization the Ink Editor is now available in a new update this week so that you can test out this functionality in your organization.

Unfamiliar with the Office 365 Insider program?

You can get more information about it and sign up today and all you need is a commercial or consumer subscription to Office 365 in order to join. You can read more about all of the October Office 365 updates and learn more about how the Ink Editor works in Word from the Office 365 team.

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