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Windows Release Health Dashboard Now in Microsoft 365 Admin Center

The Windows release health dashboard is now fully integrated into the Microsoft 365 Admin Center with detailed updates for IT pros and system admins.

The Windows release health dashboard was created and made publicly available in April 2019 as part of Microsoft’s attempt to provide more transparency around the roll out of Windows 10 updates. That dashboard is populated with information related to each subsequent Windows 10 update.

Last month at Microsoft Ignite 2021, the company revealed plans to integrate a more detailed version of the Windows release health dashboard into the Microsoft 365 dashboard. That rollout has now started.

According to Mabel Gomes on the Windows Servicing and Delivery team, this new dashboard experience in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center should be available to all customers by the end of April.

This updated dashboard will provide IT pros and system admins, with detailed insight into any known issues, suggested workarounds, and ultimate resolution surrounding updates to Windows 10. This will include not only semi-annual feature updates but also the regular monthly cycle of quality updates made available for Windows 10 each month.

For Microsoft 365 tenant admins, users must, at a minimum, be designated as a Service Support Admin or User Admin to have access to this dashboard.

To access the new Windows release health dashboard in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center, go to and sign in with proper credentials.


Windows release health dashboard in Microsoft 365 Admin Center.

In the left-hand navigation menu, scroll down to the Health entry and select Windows release health release from the drop-down menu.


The Known Issues tab in the Windows release health dashboard.

Each of the three main tabs at the top of the Windows release health dashboard can be used to drill down into a detailed picture of the rollout and health status of any current or past Windows 10 update. This could be extremely helpful for those organizations who may not have yet deployed the latest version of Windows 10.


Known Issue details in the Windows release health dashboard.

The Known Issues tab allows users to review links to detailed summaries of issues that are impacting an active update rollout, while the History tab reveals those which have been previously addressed.

This data can help organizations by providing detailed understanding of any challenges they may experience when rolling out a Windows 10 update.

The integration within the Microsoft 365 Admin Center makes all this information available in the same portal where admins are tracking their Microsoft 365 tenant activity.

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