White Paper: Office 365 and Fighting Phishing Attempts

I do not believe that a day goes by when most email users receive some form of a phishing email in their inboxes.

It is obviously a lucrative business for spammers and phishers because I don't think they would continue trying to give you money or reward you free prizes if it was not a profitable process.

Even if an email that spams 10,000 people gets a 10% engagement rate - that means potentially that 1,000 people are going to possibly give up personal information in return for the prize or reward.

This is an area that every email provider should take very seriously and when it comes to Office 365 Microsoft implements several tools to combat phishing attempts so they do not even reach your inbox.

In a new white paper, the cloud services provider provides details on how Office 365 helps to fight these types of emails using algorithms, machine learning, and anomaly detection.

The eight page Word document can be downloaded from the Microsoft Download Center (568KB) and used as an internal briefing tool or for training end users about the tools that are in place to safeguard their email.

It covers the folllowing subjects:

-- What is phishing?

-- The sophistication of phishing attempts

-- Common types of phishing

-- How Exchange Online Protection (EOP) and Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) addresses volume and sophistication

-- How Microsoft is enhancing antiphishing technology

Included in the white paper is a scenario and case study to help you further understand the process behind the detection and handling of threats detected in EOP and Office 365 ATP.


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