There is Still Time to Get Premium at Introductory Pricing

There is Still Time to Get Premium at Introductory Pricing

In an unexpected and unannounced move Microsoft has extended their new subscriber pricing for Premium until 30 June 2017.

Since opening up the subscription service preview to all customers in the United States last October Microsoft has removed the preview label on 14 February and expanded the service to six other countries on 23 March.

Last Friday the introductory pricing was scheduled to expire but, as they discovered over on over the weekend, the special initial subscription pricing of $19.95 has been extended for an additional three months. That means anyone in the US, Canada, United Kingdom, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, and Ireland can get their own premium account at that pricing in their local currency. Premium is an excellent deal at its normal $49.99 per year when you compare it to Hosted Exchange accounts that cost $60 per year. Getting it at just $19.95 for what appears to be the life of the subscription, well barring any price increases that is over time, is an outstanding deal.

This premium service turns your current account into a personalized email address with a custom domain that can be purchased through Microsoft for $10 per year (free the first year) or you can use a domain you already have registered through your own domain registrar.

No matter how you go about getting your personalized domain you can invite four other people to have their own customized email account on this unique domain and it is all included in the annual subscription price.

These accounts work with their own accounts and will become aliases for their Microsoft Accounts which means they can be used with all of Microsoft's various services tied to that Microsoft Account.

Check out our step by step guides for signing up/configuring Premium and inviting others to get their own personalized email account on your domain.


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